Uploading Your Web Site via FrontPage

How do I use FrontPage for uploadingto my account?

1. After booting Front Page, you will probably be presented with the screen below. Click on "Open Existing FrontPage Web," and then click on "More Webs..."

2. At "Select a Web server of disk location:"  put in your domainname (not 'abacoinfo.com'). You do not need to put in the "www" before it.  For this example, we use abacoinfo.com.

3. Click on List Webs to show the FrontPage webs.

4. Choose the sub-web you wish to edit.

Click the publish button in the upper left-hand corner of your FrontPage Explorer.  A screen like you see below should appear.   You need to type in your domain name or IP address then click OK.  Finally, enter your username and password.

Front Page Visual

For a more in-depth tour of FrontPage check out the FrontPage 98 Online Tutorial at http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage


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